Ocean Electrical Projects- Fluid Systems - Water & Hydraulic -Oil

 Fluid Systems:

 Fluid-Water & Hydraulic System Design, upgrades, installations, maintenance & repairs of all the fluid systems. From designing to maintaining them to upgrading and optimising them, to be the most energy efficient functional system.

1.Water:  We cover the basic design & more so specialised heating, cooling, purification, recycling and reticulation of water systems .Often water systems design never allows for expansion and variable conditions down the line, or are basically under /incorrectly designed either due to financial or construction constraints and limitations. These systems need to be revisited on usage or capacity changes.

There are at times needs for maintenance or equipment failures due to under design or under spec at time of build . Hence systems need to be fixed or upgraded.Examples are: Water systems to supply accommodation facilities, general use, combined residential commercial complex systems, water use and maintaining controls for optimum use with energy saving and safety with Fire Hydrants.

Drainage systems are a huge dimension of the entire water systems, often incorrect layouts, arrangements, levels, manholes, in sufficient flow rates, restrictions are a cause of blockages , overflowing-to be solved by various means. We are the professionals in diagnosis, High pressure jet clearing & cleaning  of waterways. providing solutions in repairs and redesign, reworks. By inspection through cam camera systems and point locations to save on time & troubleshooting expense  by identifying the root cause of many problems. 

 Typical feed water system for general use -collection holding quantities then delivery at required pressure for functionality required then return recycling or waste controls.

Power free systems are available and can be designed to provide water at required pressure with the use of solar power and heating if required, hence combining a system to provide water pressure at sustainable rate with minimal costs.

2.Hydraulics / oil: The valuable use of powerful hydraulic systems offer a very controlable powerful system to convert electrical energy in to mechanical energy at small to high pressures . We cover the complete system from design to installation and maintenance.

All the fluid systems required power to drive them unless they are designed in a highly efficient manner, electrical power and control to these systems , is easily opimised and made more efficient through our advanced knowledge of all entire systems.

Recycling water  usage is also a key area of energy saving & resources saving, it can encompass all the disciplines of water use to provide a closed loop system of savings . Domestic/ Commercial / Industrial

We are acredited professionals in the relevant fields:

Trade tested plumbers, Mechanical fitters, Fluid system engineered, Solar competence Certified, Solar Attendance certified, Heat Pump System certfied installer.