Ocean Electrical Projects


Green Solutions are a major part of our mission statement at OCEAN ELECTRICAL & PROJECTS.  We provide full turnkey green solutions- As the name suggests we like the ocean/nature and we are here to preserve it  and our planet.

As a service, we offer energy saving techniques, systems and solutions, from simple in-expensive types to high tech methodology, control systems and renewable. Through assessment, survey, training, guidance, installation and implementation. Further we offer Quality & Maintenance system programmes to support it for any entire facility.

Our Green Energy and Carbon Footprint reduction solutions are available with assessments for green star ratings and certification.

We all have the most abundant source of energy available to us in the form of sun's solar energy, The science of harnessing the electrical energy from the sun has improved in efficency, technique and equipment. We offer the service of bringing this energy to you in the form that you need to match  your specific demands.

Our service is done through anaylsis and survey to determine your needs & demands. Together at the same time providing solutions to minimse that demand. Then providing a designed solution in sustainable electrical power by way of better energy efficient systems, power reductions, renewable power solutions of solar electrical panels intergrated into your system which by means of matching or supplementing the electrical supply demand, whether being on or off grid supply , giving you the handle or your own power and independence. Our deep studies, assessments & improvements of the energy usages of your conditions form the basis of the renewable energy design, constuction & supply for your needs.

We ask the question.. Why do we pay for an electrical supply when we can choose to have our own free endless energy and pay off short term our electrical asset equipment.? lets save our planet from Green house gas's being accumulated into the atmosphere creating global warming & climate change.. Yes lets all work together on improvements.

Examples of renting versus buying property is a comaprison , except with  once its sustainable there are no more major costs, like rates or taxes. Once you have the systems installed & you recieving energy  the system pays its self off and thereafter it is FREE ENERGY!

Get your green energy & certified rating with us. Start NOW!

MAKING IT HAPPEN- become an asset to the planet

  1. Take the positive step in your global position to change.
  2. Realise the opportunity is now more than ever before.
  3. Return of investment is sound.
  4. Paypack is over short to meduim terms.
  5. ESKOM - are an unreliable source.- costly unplanned outages.
  6. Stop scrambling and put a Blue Print down.
  7. Start a plan based on our surveys & solutions.
  8. Implement 1st level solutions & techniques.
  9. Review your progress, quality & performance.
  10. Install 2nd & 3rd High level  renewable energy systems.
  11. Continuously improve and review your progress.
  12. Obtain certiification of your systems in place.
  13. Reap the rewards !

GREEN SOLUTIONS:The best proven methods of energy reduction and using renewable energy instead of Fossile Fuels. All these systems pay for them selves through the energy they save.

1. SOLAR WATER HEATING- Portioned savings up to 30% on energy usage.

2. SOLAR ELECTRICAL POWER- The  Ultimate Electrical Power from the sun to feed the balance of power required, giving   you free power on grid or off grid. This Power  source is an ideal- it can be supplemented to a facilty at any level and increased to cover your entire need.

3. HEAT PUMPS- Water heating for domestic, commercial & high temperature Industrial, reach savings from 65% to 80% reduction of energy use  for better and improved capabilty. only for use with out solarheating. and or a dual solar and heatpump solution.

4. LIGHTING SYSTEMS- The control systems and types of lighting installed reduces from 30% up to 90% energy.

5. WATER SYSTEMS- Optimised systems with reduced energy use then with power solutions .

6. INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES- Manufacturing techniques, control systems on industrial equipment- motors, pneumatic, hydraulic systems and power management controls.

7. QUALITY SYSTEMS- To make the whole process of energy savings work -implemenations, quality & controls are very important.

8. OEP-GEHT-Systems Our patent pending designed hybrid systems which maximise your savings & renergy usage reduction for renewable sustainable energy supply. Available on assessment .


  Our Professional Service & equipment  is  backed by guaranteed World Class Technology and certified installations equipment lasting years at optimum efficencies.

 Lighting:  Energy savings are done with the latest light fittings , technology & science uptodate.

 Installations of Solar Electric Panels installed on either Roof top or Freestanding.


Let us achieve your savings and rebate from ESKOM on your behalf receiving money back for every KW we save for you,we can also get you a tax rebate on energy savings done,  ultimately costing you less and having a shorter payback term and quicker long term energy savings- before the crunch comes when you have to scramble to get it done.. 

Get Started on your savings today !