LIGHTING- there is a big field of variety design although the solutions are relatively simple to the energy saving & the types of control suited to their function. We provide the total solution for your needs. Firstly we assess the status of your current lighining equipment, then we do energy analysis with lighting levels survey if required. then on reporting we offer the solutions and proposals.

We at OCEAN Electrical & Projects have the best up todate solutions for any lighting enviroment- domestic- commercial- hospitality & industrial.

We have the best prices on LED lighting all your applications.

We do new installattions , replacements , upgrades and modifications.

We upgrade switching controls for stream lined positive energy saving & ergonomical controls.

We can achieve an Eskom Rebate for you  -direct to you-  on your Lighting energy savings that we supply & install complete.

Contact us now for the right solutions at the best prices nationwide.