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Power solutions:

Supplying Enough Power is a Global problem. We have the right solution to remedy a problem, create anew and or upgrade your power capabilty & reliablity.

  1. VARIETY OF POWER SOLUTIONS- We provide a variety of power solutions.. individual domestic, grouped community and total facility.
  2. INDEPENDANT POWER SUPPLY -Apart from the mains supply from the municipality source we can create and provide you own independant electrical supply for your facility. Being off teh municipality grids totally , and or combined dual systems partially using grid supply.
  3. POWER BACKUP SYSTEMS- The power interuptions of municipal grids and other sources are inevitable and modern day equipment requires constant power, with computers running in most facilties. We design and construct systems to suit your need & type of power requirement with automatic power change over feed in systems. We can customise your low level power back up- inverter battery system to be automatic change over adding onto thosewith standard electric start generators that dont have automatic change over control boxes.
  4. HYBRID SYSTEM- Be covered for outages - inverter battery system  with  Supplementary power and recharge. recharge off mains grid or Solar. Supplement power with solar power system. reach levels of supplement power to be more of the Grid power and be partial or totally independent
  5. POWER SOLUTIONS INTEGRATED- We can integrate power to selective areas or priority , during outages, backups or saving purposes.
  6. ULTIMATE POWER SOLUTION SAVINGS-Convert your facility to fully optimal energy saving level or  work towards maximum. Assessment, transformation- changes. Measure and monitor. Also with our metering techniques & remote control methods used or  installed we can monitor and remotely control on web page in another venue- office, town, country. The Power consumptions , various specific switching and load adjustments. As well as programme automatic load shedding to maintain or limit a certain threshold of power .

 View the Steps  below & Contact us to advise you going forward in savings & reliablity of power.

Steps towards achieving your Power Solution.

  1. Decide what your power problem is and what you want to Achieve. Outages/ High consumption/ Reliability/Independence/Tripping/ Safety Concern..
  2. Do you want to cover outages -time of use- for your whole facility or just selective areas or sections of your facility.?
  3. Do you want  to cover total outage for long periods of time, repeated outages, more than 2 hours to days?
  4. Do you want to work towards being partially and totally independent of the grid -other power supply?
  5. Do you know your level of Energy savings you have in your facility, what level of energy saving is each energy consuming item in your facility.
  6. Do you know your daily consumption during the day & at night. Do you know your monthly consumption in KWH- kilo Watt hours.
  7. Do you just want energy savings to reduce you consumption bill? by how much do you want it to be reduced?
  8. What is your budget availability to put towards this valuable asset ?
  9. Action- Quote Request us with the above answers.
  10. Action - You don't know all answers and would like a full assessment. Request full assessment.
  11. Action- You know what power you want covered and don't know the power threshold  or level at your house. Request consumption assessment.
  12. Action - You don't have energy saving items or only some and need the solution to get you to certain level of energy saving. Request Energy Saving assessment and solutions.
  13. Action - You know more or less what power you want covered and want quotes. Request for power system quotes.
  14. Action - You want to be at the optimum energy saving level and want the best total solution . Request for full assessment & quotation.

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