Ocean Electrical Projects- Services



    We offer turnkey solutions to the Electrical & Mechanical field:
    From analysing & surveying the needs of the client, we design & draft solutions to suit them and do plans for approval, these are implemented together with strategy & planning. Where applicable with trainingfor the customer group.
    Costing and quoting on the projects & meeting  the required quality standards.
    Project management, Project Engineering & Commissioning.
    We encompass the Electrical & Mechanical  Engineering installation fields.
    Construction in the Domestic, Commercial, Industrial sectors.
    Covering the following disciplines:
  1. Electrical Installations. 
  2. Electrical Contracting.       
  3. Engineering.
  4. Consulting.
  5. Design.
  6. Renovations.
  7. Machine Building & Control Systems.
  8. Panel Building & Design.
  9. Power solutions.
  10. Lighting.
  11. Cable & Pipe Locating detection. Camera Inspections.
  12. Energy Saving.
  13. Energy Audits.
  14. Renewable Energy .
  15. CMMS- Computer Maintenance Management Systems.
  16. Industrial Controls Systems, Instrumentation process control & monitoring.
  17. Energy Management Systems & Remote Controls.
  18. Maintenance.
  19. Mechanical Installations.
  20. Fluid mechanics & systems.- Water, hydraulics, etc
  21. Turnkey projects.
  22. Building renovations.
  23. Construction.

We are backed by skills of an Electrical Mechanical Engineer,  Electrical Government Certicated Engineer-GCC, HV/MV Technician. Also each with advanced levels of experience of 30 years & more.

Advanced levels of Technical knowhow in each field with courses and certificates on each.

Skills with advanced levels of Operations Management, Project Management, Business management.


-If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur"

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