Ocean Electrical Projects


We assess & analyse the facility, then Engineer design & install the systems. Certified to the correct Standards. Either as a supplement to the grid power or a total off grid solution. Loadshedding solutions, covering all outages and into a complete blackout no power situation. Offering huge long term savings on power consumption.

With world class Products from suppliers SUNSYNK, SOLAR WORLD, VICTRON, SMA, etc. We provide the perfect solution for your Power Requirements, with SOLAR Electrical power.

Complete Solutions: Design, supply, installations & commissioning and optional extra maintenance systems.

Whether you need to add extra power to your grid or facility, or provide saving trimming off your energy costs, or provide a sustainable energy source for your enterprise or living that is green environmentally friendly too.

- Domestic Homes, houses, rural, farms remote resorts.

-Commercial power systems - office blocks, hospitality, hotels, resorts, warehouse, flats block complexes.

-Industiral power systems- Total or partial power supply for any type of industry.

Power Inverters Range - SUNSYNK

 PANEL SYSTEMS:  Fixed Panels Surface Mounted Framed panels. Installed in multiple ways to surface structure, either linking together to form a part roof structure substitute or spaced, according to quantity required.

FREE SOLAR POWER- The Roof that generates Energy- For DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL & CARPORTS . The ideal solutions are designed & built to suit the structures. Few projects evoke the care &  passion that goes into building a home. Solar World has developed the EnergyRoof to meet the high demands set by builders & architects. Unlike traditional solar systems which mount above the existing roof, here the solar laminates are intergrated as roofing material. Dispensing with an addiotional roof layer makes use of the building budget. The flexibility of the system allows a great deal of freedom to design the perfect system.