Ocean Electrical Projects



A major Part of engineering is quality, together with  project programs of  upgrades, improvements and implementation, to optimise a final product. A Quality system is esential, not only is it for Project management & procurement , it is vital for any facilty. Quality management is required for ensuring a set standard is achieved, we offer the service of setting up quality management systems to suit the facilty to achieve your required standard.


Maintenance is done for any facilty, either commercial or industrial. An up to date maintenance system relies on realtime tracking, of actuals in occurance, faults, repairs, improvements & routine maintenance. We have am ideal World Class Maintenance (WCM) system solution for each type of enterprise, specifically designed so it can be tailor made to suit your enviroment & style. 

We have vast experience with maintenance & systems. together with WCM and all the maintenance philosophies. Which are encompassed where needed. Including reliability centered maintenance, preventive, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, etc. We offer as a service the maintenance system setup, implementation and the requirements of the System.


Control & Monitoring Systems - to suit each and every need of the customer and process or manufacturing type.

Energy Management Systems and Remote controlling- Systems installed to totally cover entire plants or facilities or just the main divisions. Also with remote controls to allow better feedback control of levels and thresholds required within the process or energy consumption limits. Allowing for more accurate , efficient operations which can be accounted for more accurately and minimise losses.