Ocean Electrical & Projects

 BUILDING THERMODYNAMICS- Building design , Heating , Cooling & ventilation is an absolute essential for  good comfortable living &  working.

Energy usage can be very costly in a poorly designed building where energy is constantly being used for rectifying the conditions to the ideal state.

We design & install systems and  facitate the energy saving from design level to upgrading /  altering buildings systems to make a better Greener Building with reduced energy use.

Insulations: we supply & install the Cellulose Fibre Product which has the best Eco friendly status out of all insulations and provides a ideal insulation, with a lower installation cost.

We offer the standard systems  & materials through to the advanced closed loop control systems and our GEHT -Green Energy Hybrid Technique- systems.

We offer the entire analysis and  solution reporting together as a turnkey project , even to achieve Green certification & Green Star ratings.