Ocean Electrical projects


We assess & analyse the facility, then Engineer design & install the systems. Certified to the correct Standards. Either as a supplement to the grid power or a total off grid solution. Offering huge long term savings on power consumption.

Commercial & Industrial solutions - The Large areas of roof spaces, open land  and structures like carports, facilitate the ideal sun collection area's for each commercial application where a larger amount of electrical power is needed. Hotels, Resorts, Office blocks, warehouse and industrial roofs need the supplement electrical energy . This electrical power is achieved by collecting the suns power converting it to the suitable levels & intergrating it into the various systems of power required. Giving the facility extra supplement power reducing the Grid demand saving a massive amount of costs on power short & long term.

The systems are modular and can be installed in different sizes throughout a decentralized system or banked in to main central system. Also as the capital is available and saved the systems can be supplememented.


Call us now for an energy assessment & survey, which would give you an evaluation and all the energy reduction solutions throughout your facility. With proposals & costings.